Whole And Healthy Kitchen

Where cooking and living become acts of Love towards Your Self and Others

Since I went from having a binge-eating and unhealthy food addiction, to loving to cook and using food to nourish and love myself and others, I knew I had a transformation that could be of service to them.

In becoming a Mom, I also learned that my role in the kitchen was of high importance. I needed to provide nourishment to the growing body of this baby, and empower her as she grew to make healthy and wise choices with food herself. I was beyond grateful that I was already deep into my forgiveness work and holistic nutrition studies when Ella was born, which enabled me to know what to cook, how to cook and to love to cook well. I had also been travelling with Tom for some time, and would cook for the families we stayed with as my way to “give back and share the love”. I was told by everyone that I cooked for that I should open a restaurant or bakery. I laughed it off many times, until the guidance to open an online service emerged. 

I remember the day the name ‘Whole and Healthy Kitchen‘ landed in my mind and how inspired I became by this idea. I know it was a way for me to help people on a practical level, how to have a healthy and joy-full relationship with cooking and food as I had learned to do.

So, through the guidance of Jesus I set up an online community where we learn together how to be loving in the thoughts we think and inspired in the food we eat and cook! I feel so grateful to be able teach how to have a healthy and loving relationship to food and help you discover a joy and flow with cooking through my Kitchen Alchemy course and community. I welcome you to WAHK with us!!

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