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The Number One Reason Why You Wake Up Feeling CRAPPY in the Morning

When we go to bed at night we are shifting from Alpha brain waves (awake) to Delta waves (before sleep) to Theta waves (sleep). When we enter into these Theta waves our brain enters a zone where we can access our subconscious mind. It is here, in this deep state of mind, that you can process the day and even heal in your sleep!!! 
πŸŒ›The last πŸ”Ÿ minutes before bed matters. Big time. 
When you are in Delta waves, you are literally telling yourself what you want to marinate in and think about / process all…night….long! 
This is WHY the last 10 minutes before bed are so important!! You want to marinate in the right thoughts and energies!! 
If you marinate in the wrong energy (whatever you just watched on TV, flipped through on reels, negative thoughts, thinking about that fight you had or what you said to someone) you will be programming your mind with THOSE thoughts and energies. 
πŸ’©No wonder you then wake up feeling crappy!!!
Instead, do this. 
Either get out your journal or get still and quiet and ask these questions inwardly and answer them to yourself 
1. What was an amazing thing that happened today? 
2. What is something that could have been better, or I could have done better/differently? 
3. What do I want tomorrow to be like? (What do I want to Feel? Have happen? Do? Accomplish? Give?) 
4. Settle into Gratitude for your life. For God. For your Family. For your self/efforts. For all that is good and becoming good. Let gratitude be the last emotion you feel before you drift asleep. 
πŸŒ’ Do this for one week!!! 
And notice how much better you feel in the morning!! 

 That’s it. 
Radical and positive life changes will be upon you when you are mindful of what you think before you go to sleep. 
✌️Happy programming your subconscious mind my friends. 

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