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Perfect Love is here for us to choose

I typed into my computer, “Book of Love” trying to find the beginnings of a book I was writing over 6 years ago. What popped up first was this poem I have shared below. I remember writing it to God because I needed an answer, I was in pain and I needed his help. I remember Him answering me through this poem and the peace that washed over me once it was written. I am now sharing what I received that evening, with all of you. I love you.

​Dear Father,
I am your Child. I hear your voice inside my mind directing me very specifically reminding me that I am fine.
I forget sometimes, that we are of One Mind and so I fight myself and attack things outside.
The attack seems small, and seldom and few. Yet if there is any attack in my mind can I really be aware of you?

I realize in these times that I feel lacking and not at peace,
So I blame my brothers in hopes that they can take this away, along with all my grief.
For if I give attack to them it appears to be off of me,
but little did I know it keeps me further hidden behind the clouds where I cannot see.

I am responsible for what I see, think and hear;
So I call upon an inner Voice, where I am reminded that it is far beyond just “being nice”.
It is a change of perception, a realignment of Will
A letting go of error and an accepting of what is beyond the temporal.

Realizing the Truth is far beyond my grasp,
I let it come to me and wash through all the old wrath.
No longer hiding behind the veil so frail and failing,
I am cleansed and purified of all but the truly Loving.
It is here that I am in the acceptance of the Soul
that this Self may extend miracles to and through us all.

A giving and receiving are both One and the Same
And as I give to you I give to me, just the same
So instead of giving attack I give love and celebration,
for God is in our Minds and we are hard wired for creation.

No longer listening to the ideas of form,
but hearing the content that inspires us to listen even more.
In the listening so do we hear,
we learn and reverse all the fear,
so that we can do as guided, be happy and bring good cheer.

When we see ourselves as all the same and integral to the whole,
we are no longer forgetting, and thinking we are small.
Instead we are unified, eternal and true
carrying on for infinity, in peace that flows through and through.
Now we are of service to the greatest plan there is,
and can take directives from His voice that leads us right back to Him.

Thank you Father for your gifts to us.
I accept them, welcome them and give them to your Sons.
Knowing I am one with them I can never lose,
For we all gain when we realize Perfect Love is here for us to choose.


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Welcome to my blog. My name is Britney Shawley. I write and make videos to help  people to choose peace in every situation. I aim to demonstrate the practicality of Love and miracles in my everyday life and work, so that you can do so too. Thank You for being here. 



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