A Course in Miracles
Textbook Study Group

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Who is this For?

  • You, if you want to study the textbook of A Course in Miracles
  • You, if you want to study it with dedicated Course students and be supported and loved by them
  • You, if you want to understand and apply ACIM to your life better
  • You, if you want to have a space to ask questions and share ideas/experiences

Whether you are a new student, seasoned student/teacher or simply just ACIM curious, all are welcome here.

What is it like?

We teach from the perspective that Jesus is our Teacher of the Course and we are all equal students and teachers to each other through Him. We pray before we begin and tend to go deep into the section we are reading that day. We are making our way through the 31 Chapter of the Text. You do not have to have read earlier material to join us. Many people share their experiences and ask questions based on what is inspired through the reading in class. Our goal is to keep the teachings on the Course as simple, as practical and as relatable as possible. 

Meeting Details.

We meet every Tuesday @ 1:30pm to 3pm Eastern Time in our Zoom Room. 
The session is recorded and sent to our community by email the next day.

Students from all editions of A Course in Miracles are welcome here. We currently read from the Circle of Atonement edition, but include page numbers for all editions at the beginning of every class. We welcome you. 

“As far as class feedback, Marci and I both agree that it’s only positive.  You are a wonderful class leader and facilitator, as obvious from having such engaged participants.  You truly are gifted and talented at what you do.  What is most valuable to us is the heart-centered, peaceful, happy and joyous space you reside in and share with us all. “

"I bless the world because I bless myself"

-A Course in Miracles

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