A Course in Miracles
Textbook Study Group

Join our family from all around the world!!!

Who is this For?

Anyone who wants to have a supportive and heart-centered community to study the 31 Chapters of the Textbook of A Course in Miracles together.  Whether you are a new Course student or a seasoned student or teacher, all is welcome here. 

What is it like?

  • We pray together
  • We pause after each paragraph to really discuss and understand what it is teaching us
  • We apply what it teaches to our mind, relationships and lives
  • We share relateable stories and experiences
  • We extend what we are receiving and learning to others, to bring benefit and peace to all

Meeting Details.

We meet 2 times a month.
The 2nd Tuesday of every month at 2 pm est

The 4th Tuesday of every month at 8 pm est

This meeting is led by the Spirit in all of us, and will always be Free. 

All meetings are recorded and sent to those who have signed-up to be part of our Community.

Currently we are reading from the Circle of Atonement Version of A Course in Miracles. You can however come with any version of ACIM that you have. We include the page numbers for every version before we begin the reading for the day. 

"Listen to my (Jesus) voice, Learn to undo error and Do something to correct it" - A Course in Miracles - Miracle Principle 27

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