Episode 12: Ben Bowler | Unity Earth – Living with Jesus Podcast

Ben Bowler is an inspiration and demonstration of what it is like to follow ones calling to serve the world and bring Peace and Unity to our planet. He has brought forward many projects such as 1God, Pilgrimages, Unity Earth and now is working to bring to us World Unity Week and 99 days to Peace through Unity.

Word Unity Week begins on June 18 2022, and we invite you to join us: worldunityweek.org

There was a “Jesus round table discussion” where many of us gathered from different faith traditions and discussed our relationships to Jesus. It was beautiful. Link to this recording found here:

Here is their “Peace through Unity” theme song!!

“Standing together for Unity and Peace”

99 days of Peace through Unity (from June until September 2022)

Watch the Full Episode:

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Britney's Takeaways:

  1. How to become part of a global network building a worldwide movement for unity and peace.
  2. There is great diversity in those who love and follow Jesus
  3. We want to invite freedom when it comes to Jesus. We want to connect to Him in whatever way we are inspire to do so, not just through a particular book or a specific way.
  4. A broader conversation about who Jesus is, is essential
  5. All of the highest teaching in humanity are contained in Jesus’ message

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The Next Global Event:

June 18 2022 to June 25 2022

Visit here for more details: World Unity Week


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