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I will not defend my upset. I am happy to be wrong. [+ Meditation]


Any judgment we make about anything, is only a judgment we have made upon ourselves.
If we don’t like something or someone “out there” it is only because we don’t like something “in here”.
This is the way perception and projection works.
What we don’t like in ourselves we try to get rid of by projecting it onto others and hating what we see in others (instead of ourselves).
Its a natural reaction of mind, to protect oneself from pain by projecting it else where.
But projecting the pain onto another does not actually help oneself, it keeps the pain intact because you are seeing it in another and confirming its reality even there.
When we confirm this “reality” of suffering or conflict in another, we are confirming it in ourselves.

This is the first law of God: As you give you receive. Easy enough, its the golden rule that teaches as we love another, we love ourselves. As we forgive another, we forgive ourselves. There is no way to get around this Universal Law. It’s active all the time and can help us to truly correct our errors and past traumas through responsibility of our part,  instead of projecting all of it onto others or our world.

The second law of God is: Cause and Effect. God is cause, we are His effect. He created us in His image and likeness, and thus we can think and create like Him. And every single one of our thoughts IS creative. Either we are thinking with thoughts of God, and will project Him and His Love and creativity of the kingdom here. Or we think thoughts with ego/fear and project that mis-creation here. Either way, these are the laws of God and are always working, even if we want to fight against them and defend against them through denial of our own need for mind training and practical forgiveness.

Be open-minded to this: that what we perceive we project, because it means there is another way to see and be, that brings and projects happiness instead of pain.

What you hold in your mind, you project onto the world and you experience it there.

I thank God every day for the Holy Spirit in my mind to remind me / us of what Truth is from within. But before we can reach this place of healing and understanding, we must acknowledge when we are suffering, even a little bit. We have to admit our pain, because by doing so it is us admitting we need to change our mind about our self and open to shifts and healing from within. Healing cannot happen with out our asking or consent though. This is free will.

So when we notice we are upset, I like to remind myself and others too: NOT DEFEND YOUR UPSET.
If you are upset and need help, take a pause and let yourself see your need to be helped. You will be helped from within, from Love itself, from Jesus, from Spirit, from angels or even from a friend or family members who is your support system.  But whatever you do, refuse to trick your self into believing your own stories of the past or fear or blame, especially when you ARE upset and DO need help. Its wise to be willing to be wrong about what we think and believe, because we need help. What is true, and whole and accurate will remain, even when we let go. It is only the false and what no longer serves you that will fall away through the light of forgiveness and remembering.

So remember, you have the power to choose healing over pain, and that often starts by admitting we are in pain and need help from something greater than ourselves.

This meditation is here to help you to be happy when you are wrong and not at peace.
Because when you are wrong, and not at peace and you admit that… then holy spirit can be right and help to teach you how to actually be at peace.
It is when we let go and step back from trying to be “right” that peace can enter.
This is your time to step back and let go, to let love, spirit and light in.

Please enjoy this meditation, with headphones on and eyes closed.

You are safe in the arms of Love. Let Love teach you how to see and heal now. Peace be with you my friend.


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