A Course in Miracles – Different Versions Explained

The content of A Course in Miracles is the same for all versions. What changes is the form. The further the book is from its Original Dictation, the more it is highly edited and with errors. The errors do not matter as such, as they will get corrected. But for me, being all about miracle working, I want to do (and study from) what will save me time! So for this reason of saving time, the version that we choose to use matters. 

I personally study from the Sparkly Version, I use the Circle of Atonement Version for my Textbook Study Groups every month, and my husband Tom has only ever studied from the Foundation for Inner Peace. I am a fan of using whatever book you have, and using Jesus and Holy Spirit as your inner teachers and guides for understanding and experiencing The Course. 

The Different Editions of A Course in Miracles are:

‘The Notes” are where Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles wrote down what she heard.  The Notes include conversations between Helen and Jesus about her own struggles and the many struggles in her relationships. Jesus also gives Helen many instructions, as she was learning how to do as Jesus asked her to do. The things Jesus talked about and the answers He gave to her, are also helpful for us to hear and learn from. This is why its important for the Notes to be available. There are many things in here that are not “generalizable”, nor are they necessary to be included in the final “A Course in Miracles”. So these Notes, are special notes and not necessarily for your every day student, but can be helpful if you are inspired to get a copy and read it. 

 You can purchase a copy of the Notes, here

The URtext is the original version of A Course in Miracles. Helens notebook (The Notes) is where she would write what she heard Jesus say, and every morning she would read what she wrote to Bill Thetford to type up. After 7 years, when this document was finished being scribed and typed up, it became known as The UR Text, the Original Edition.

This version includes the textbook, workbook for students, manual for teachers, Use of Terms, Psychotherapy Pamphlet, Song of Prayer and Gifts of God.  It is in its raw form and has not been edited for easy reading/study. 

The UR Text was hidden and completely unknown to the world until it was discovered in June of 2000 in the A.R.E library and made it onto the internet by Doug Thompson in August of 2000 through Miracle Action Press. It includes conversations between Helen and Jesus and discusses sex, politics, psychology, the world, it includes Soul, and the proper use of extension/projection; as well as includes many other things that are helpful to students to know. 

The UR Text can be ordered online at this link.

In 1972 after A Course in Miracles was complete, both Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford went through the UR(Original) Text for their final edit together and took out EVERYTHING that was personal and added some titles and made small editing changes. They did this in order to protect their own “privacy” and to follow the guidance of Jesus that is written in ‘The Notes’This version was prepared for and then given to Hugh-Lynn Cayce (Edgar Cacye’s Son) for him to read and give feedback on. Hence why this version is called HLC (High-Lynn Casey).  You can say that this version contained everything that Jesus wanted in there. I am not sure if Helen and Bill cross referenced the UR Text with ‘The Notes’ which is what they were asked to do, in the Notes, by Jesus. But other than that, this version is whole and fit to be made available to others.  

This version is what Sparkly, FIP and CE referenced in making their edits. However, FIP did Not have access to any earlier material mentioned in this blog (‘The Notes or the “UR Text’) when they made their edits. 

This is the edition most widely know at this time. It has been translated into 27 languages and is carried in most major bookstores around the world. 

Its the blue book published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. Ken Wapnick and Helen Schucman are the editors of this version. Like many people, Dr.Wapnick was given a copy of the Course to review grammar and paragraph headings. 

Wapnick suggested further editing and Helen agreed. 

Ken looked at A Course in Miracles through the eyes of an intellectual who wanted to live a monastic life.  The Foundation for Inner Peace has 45,000 words less then the UR Text (Original Edition) and has many references changed completely, such as when Jesus used “man” as in “mankind” it was taken out and replaced with “you”. This happened over 295 times.  The use of and reference to us as ‘Soul is also edited out of this version.

I am grateful that the version of this course carries with it an A Course in Miracles legacy and story. It has been made available to so many for so many years, and that’s a gift. You can learn more at the Foundation for Inner Peace Website. 

This edition was published by the Course in Miracles Society in 2000, and was first edited from the HLC* version and is now cross-references with ‘the Notes’ and Ur Text. It is often listed as the “original edition” or “Jesus’ edition” or the “one with the pearls”. I love how it has the “Entitled to Miracles” ACIM lesson on the back of the book. Here is some information, taken from the CIMS website:
“An organization formed named Course In Miracles Society (CIMS) and they published the HLC and titled it Jesus’ Course In Miracles (JCIM) in 2000. The words “A Course In Miracles” were controlled as a legal service mark at that time, so they couldn’t be used. Tom Whitmore is the president of CIMS, and one of its founders. CIMS was legally blocked from distributing the book shortly after it was released, but they eventually were able to legally distribute after FIP lost the primary copyright by a decision of the United States District Court in 2003 by Judge Sweet. The official court order, declaring the original copyright null and void, happened in 2004 and CIMS started redistributing JCIM shortly after in 2004. When CIMS published again in 2006, it added a Workbook and a Manual it took from the Urtext version to it’s JCIM and titled the new edition, A Course In Miracles Original Edition. “

The Thetford Edition (Sparkly) is published through the Borderland Inc. This version is the Text from the HLC* version that was found in the ARE (Association of Research and Enlightenment) Library in 1999, combined with the nearly untouched Workbook and Manual from the URText to make the “Sparkly/Sparkle/ Thetford Edition” of A Course in Miracles. 

This is the version I currently use and love.
✔️It has Soul reinstated
✔️ The use of “humanity, man, us, we” is put back in (they were all changed to “you” in FIP)
✔️Proper and simple type setting.
✔️All 40,000 words that were taken out from the first 8 chapters from the Text are reinstated.

Ted Poppe was the original publisher of this version, and now as of 2022- a group of us called “The Borderland Inc” are responsible for its printing and distribution. We currently have a print in the process and should be ready to ship by Fall 2022. 

Ted has shared his personal stories with me about his revelatory experience, whereby he was taught who he is and what his life is for in a very intimate and direct way inside his mind. This happened before he was given the physical A Course in Miracles to study. He said he was told by Jesus at this time that he would receive directions as to what to do with his life. A few weeks later some one gave him the A Course in Miracles for the first time and he knew that it came as the answer to what Jesus had promised him. After working with ACIM very very closely for three months and after learning how to HEAR Jesus teach him, he found out there were other words and content NOT included in the book. When he asked Jesus about that, Jesus said, “Don’t worry, all the material will be made available to you.” After which, Ted was one day sitting on his deck in Australia and a box arrived with all the notes Helen had received from Jesus over those 7 years in dictating ACIM, along with the UR text and the HLC version. Ted was given the WHOLE picture of the process Helen and Bill went through, and he knew at that point that part of his function was to bring forward this new version of A Course in Miracles and make it Open Source and freely available to all people. Five other people were given guidance completely independent from each other, on the same day, to put the SPARKLY together. And so they did in 2002. It just so happened that Ken Wapnick heard about this, and him along with the Foundation for Inner Peace and Penguin Publishing brought a lawsuit against Ted and the Endeavor Academy for copyright violation of A Course in Miracles.  The judge ended up siding with Ted and the Academy. It was shown that  Judy Skutch and others had given away free copies of ACIM before it was copyrighted. This threw out the copy-right claims and all of the material was made open-source. That is how Sparkly was born. 

This edition is based on the handwritten Notes of Helen Schucman. It has taken a commitment of over 10 years by Robert Perry and the Circle of Atonement team to complete. Currently Robert Perry, Emily Bennington and others are bringing this version of ACIM to Course students every where through their Community of Course Companions. This CE version includes the Text, Workbook and Teachers Manual…. along with Cameo’s of some important Notes from Helen, as well as Robert’s words, insights and bible references throughout in citations. 

When one takes a look at the UR Text, we can see that the UR Text was edited, but not always referenced against the notes. So this CE version is very refreshing as it appears to be following the guidance Jesus lays out in the Notes for how the book should be edited. I personally love this version and find the footnotes helpful to reference. I use this version in my ACIM Textbook Study group.

 You can learn more about and buy the CE version here. 

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