About Britney Shawley, B.A

Spiritual Teacher + Psychotherapist, Coach, Founder of Whole and Healthy Kitchen and Makeshyft, Mom and Student/Teacher of A Course in Miracles

My Past Experience:

I was in a place where negative emotions dictated my decisions.
X I feared failure and cared a lot about what others thought about me
X I felt alone with no compass to guide me.

X  I was addicted to binge-eating and overweight
I felt unworthy, and suffered through a series of hurtful relationships.
My body image was persistently negative, and I could not see how to change this.
X  Amidst this, I did not value self-care in any form.

My Present Experience:

✅ Holy Spirit runs my life and makes my decisions, because I ask Him too.
✅ I now know I cannot fail and that my worth is established by God, not others.

✅ I process my emotions and have a healthy and free relationship to food. 
✅ I live in purpose alongside my holy-partner Tom with our baby girl Ella.
✅ I am healthy, happy and grateful for my life and work (which is my Souls Purpose).
✅ I have a consistent self care routine & mind training practice that help me focus on the Truth of Love instead of my fears.

What Changed?

The suffering in my relationships, including the one with myself, men and food, became unbearable for me.

I knew I needed another way, and so I asked for it. And to my surprised, I received it.

With consistent mind training, forgiveness, guidance from Jesus in A Course in Miracles and stepping out of the way,
God has come into the space I left vacant for Him in my heart and mind. He has filled me with so much love, so much gratitude, so much clarity and purpose.
  It is a joy to do what I am asked to do so each day, in part, because I get to meet beautiful souls like you. If you resonate with me, I am sure I will resonate with you too… I welcome you to join us! 
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