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Where we Change our Mind to think with God/Love and Live according to His Laws.

A Course in Miracles is a Mind Training Course 
that helps us to become more Joyful, Kind and Christ-like.

Welcome, Beautiful Souls.

I have been a Spiritual Psychotherapist and A Course in Miracles Teacher for the last 15 years. I support the transformation of mind, relationships and our world through the application of ACIM principles to our everyday lives.

I am an advocate for having a transformed relationship to Jesus and I focus on highlighting some of his core teachings through my Ministry here at Miracles of Mind.

I also have a YouTube Channel with the same name and I share powerful teachings there every week.

I am also podcaster and host of the Living with Jesus series and a voice for those who have struggled with binge eating and overcoming it. 

I am also an entrepreneur of multiple companies, but my favorite job and role is being Mom.

It is my hope that together we can inspire future generations to be happier and healthier, as we empower them to bless the world with miracles (as ACIM teaches us to do 🙂 ).

Thank you for being here.

“This course is a Mind Training course. Good students assign study periods to themselves.”
– A Course in Miracles T3. CE Version

Come Study With Us!

Online A Course in Miracles

  • We are going through the 31 Chapters of A Course in Miracles Together in our online study group.
  • We are currently reading from the Circle of Atonement [CE] version of A Course in Miracles, but it does not matter what version you use.
  • We meet twice a month. All gatherings are recorded and free.
  • You are welcome anytime 🙂

“Teach Only Love for that is what you are”

A Course in Miracles

Miracles of Mind Ministry

On YouTube

I began this YouTube channel in 2010 after I was told, in meditation, that it was time to teach what I was learning.  I recorded all 365 lessons from A Course in Miracles in 2013, and since I have made hundreds of related videos.  Subscribe to me on YouTube  🙂 I look forward to seeing you there! 

“As He sent me to you, so will I send you to others.
But I will go to them with you, so we can teach them union and peace.”
– Jesus / A Course in Miracles

Living with Jesus Podcast

On YouTube

The “Living with Jesus” podcast is a collection of interviews with people from many different faith backgrounds sharing on their relationship to Jesus. These interviews are deeply inspiring, often outside the box of typical religion and so very practical for our everyday living. Jesus wants for us to become more loving, happy and free. These people are a demonstration of that.

So far I have interviewed A Course in Miracles teachers, a Jewish Rabbi, a Mormon, a Franciscan Catholic,  a Catholic, a Christian pastor, an evangelical Christian, a multi-faith minister, a practitioner of Ancient India’s Spiritual teachings, Urantians, Spiritual Teachers and everyday people on their relationship to Jesus. 

“God comes to those who would restore His world, for they have found a way to call to him.
If any two are joined, He must be there.” – A Course in Miracles – Psychotherapy Pamphlet

Learn to heal yourself so you can help others to heal…

Work With Me

I have been a spiritual psychotherapist/teacher for 15 years and was trained as hypnotherapist in 2009. I am also a dedicated A Course in Miracles student and teacher.

In our sessions together we let Spirit direct what we need to see, discuss and undo. We navigate the messiness of ego together and come out to greet the light within for true healing and release. We focus on learning to listen to guidance and accepting ones function in Gods Plan. All sessions include a recording of our call and practical homework to apply.

“True Health is inner Peace” – A Course in Miracles

Choose Peace
in the Kitchen

My awakening journey began with surrendering to God after my food addiction got so bad that I didn’t know how to continue on this earth. I was sincerely struggling every day to not lose control in what I ate and in how I felt. The day I gave my addition to God in 2009 I was completely changed. I was set on a new path of Love (instead of fear) and became totally committed to having faith and trusting this voice for love. Following faith led me to having an experience with Jesus (never having been religious) in 2010 and He brought to me A Course in Miracles a few weeks later. 

I continued to train my mind and forgive myself, resulting in a complete transformation of my body and my entire relationship to food. I saw that changing my mind is what helped me change my food choices and I moved from hating to cook to loving to cook and loving my Self!!! I now teach others how to change their minds and nourish self and others through wholesome delicious meals everyday. Learn more about my work, and my Kitchen Alchemy Course by visiting my website.

“A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another.
It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself.” – Sparkly A Course in Miracles 

Order a Sparkly

The Sparkly edition of A Course In Miracles is the original edit that was entrusted and tasked to Bill Thetford, the co-scribe of the Course, by the Author Jesus. Sparkly has also become known as the Thetford edition or the Hugh Lynn Cayce (HLC) edition .

The CAPITALIZATION and hyphenation of some of the words, along with the use of parenthesis and punctuation, remain consistent with the style of the “scribe’s” used in the source material.

  • The Sparkly A Course in Miracles is given for Free.
  • When you order a Sparkly, we ask only that you pay for the cost of postage/shipping.
  • You will receive an email after you order, containing those shipping payment details.
  • Any donation amount will go to printing more Sparkly books so that we can continue to give them freely away to those who are called to have one. Give A Sparkly

“At ‘Miracles Of Mind’, we believe in change. We believe in the power of Love.
We believe in the ability for all human beings to think with God
and become Happy, Healthy & Free.”

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